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Becky + Matt Engaged || Austin Texas Photographer

I have known Becky since we were 4 years old. To say that I was honored to take her engagement pictures is an understatement! Life is so full circle and I am so excited for her and Matt’s future together! Becky and Matt, you two are an amazing couple and I had so much fun taking these pictures for you guys. I cannot wait to celebrate your love in October!

One Year Old || Austin Family Photographer

This family was so precious! They are calm, down to earth, and work great as a team! We had so much fun exploring the park as the sun was coming up and we were able to get some beautiful morning light shining through the trees! Sloane was turning one, so we set up a little area to do her cake smash and I love the way it turned out! Sloane's mom brought a beautiful rose colored cake that her friend had made and it's pretty clear that Sloane enjoyed her first bite of cake! Jake and Christy... you two have a beautiful little girl and I loved seeing you two tackle parenthood together. I know parenthood is not always easy, but you guys made it look effortless! (See last picture for reference). Sloane is one lucky little girl! 

Oates || Austin Family Photographer

Alright you guys, this family makes me SO happy! They know that our photo shoots are quick because their kids are even quicker. They know that our photo shoots are not posed and perfect, because that is not true and genuine to their real life. And, they know that no matter what happens at our photo shoot we will always have fun, because they don't take life too seriously! I love that this family stays true to who they are and own the craziness that comes along with having three kids with busy schedules! They love each other deeply and their bond as a family is so clear to see in these images! Oates family, you guys are so special! 

Austin Texas Proposal || Austin Proposal Photographer

When a client inquires about a proposal session, I cannot help but jump around in my seat with excitement!! This wonderful couple lives in NYC and were visiting Austin for the first time on a weekend trip. When Cong reached out to me, he said he wanted the perfect backdrop to propose to in Austin, so we chose the Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake) Boardwalk with it's skyline views. I'm sorry, as an original Austinite, I just don't think it will ever be Lady Bird Lake in my vocabulary. Since he was from NYC, we had to do a lot of planning via phone, text, and email, but it all paid off because the proposal went off without a hitch! I was hiding on the boardwalk "taking pictures of the skyline" when they walked up into my frame. Cong's soon-to-be fiancé took a picture on her iPhone of the skyline and then started walking away...that is, until he told her something along the lines of "I have a surprise for you..." She spotted my camera and then a second later, Cong was down on one knee in front of her. I'd say that she was completely caught off guard! A few moments after the proposal happened, Ali's phone rang and it was her mom calling! As she looked at the new sparkly ring on her finger, she said into the phone, "MOM! Cong just proposed!!" This was a special moment to witness and capture with my camera! After they shared the good news, we took a few more pictures and then they went on their way to a nice dinner to celebrate! Cong and Ali, congratulations again! I am so excited for you two and wish you a beautiful life together! If you're ever back in Austin, I'd love to show you more of this beautiful city! 

If you're considering booking a proposal session with McKenzie Coronado Photography, I urge you to read a review that Cong wrote about his experience below. I know that proposals are already full of nerves and adrenaline, so I try to make the moment as care-free and relaxed as possible for my soon-to-be grooms!

"After careful consideration, I decided to propose to my girlfriend in Austin. However, I'd never been to the city before, and we were only there for a three-day vacation. After doing some research (mainly Google), I found McKenzie as a top recommendation.  I contacted her to take our engagement/proposal photos. 

I really didn't have any ideas other than a few recommendations from friends. However, given McKenzie's background, she was able to suggest several options. She was super engaging and really dedicated herself to this challenge. She even went to all her suggested places and took photos of them to send to me. In the end, I choose to propose at the boardwalk.  

For the big day, we decided to meet at the last pier at 7:15pm. She had suggested this location because it overlooked the Austin skyline. We contacted each other throughout the day, and she was there way before our scheduled time to prepare for our arrival. She was great at blending in as a tourist taking pictures - my girlfriend at the time had no idea. When the big moment arrived, she was there to capture all of it. A few moment after I proposed, she came over, and took more pictures of us in various ways. A few hours later, she had sent five great pictures to pass along to our families, and about a week later, the other pictures arrived via email. 

I am really glad that I choose McKenzie to capture our special moment. The pictures turned out great! She was a true professional from start to finish. "