I am born and raised in Austin, Texas and feel honored to be an "original Austinite".  I graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Child Development and Educational Studies. I am a new mom who loves exploring this new life with my incredible husband and daughter, Luna.

I believe that a photograph tells a story, documents a season in life, and gives everlasting memories. Most of my life has been documented by photographs, and while I dreaded being the subject of hundreds of pictures when I was a little girl; now these are my most prized possessions as an adult! As I look back on these photographs, they remind me of very special times in my life. My mission as your photographer is to tell your story, document a season in your life, and give you everlasting memories through these photographs. Here at McKenzie Coronado Photography, I want to tell stories about expecting mothers, newborn babies, the adoption process, families that have children with developmental delays, graduating seniors, and family dynamics. With my degree in Child Development from Texas Christian University and work experience as a teacher to children with developmental delays, my heart has always been to serve children of any and all abilities.

Want to know more?

- Sometimes my husband wonders who I love more...him or our dog. Is it that obvious? ;)

- A lit Anthropologie candle is an instant mood changer for me. I feel invincible when my Capri Blue candle is lit. You want an apple pie made from scratch? You got it. 

- I interned for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while in college and continue now as a volunteer to make children's wishes come true!

- When I sit down at a restaurant I have to make sure that my body is aligned with something either straight in front of me or on the ceiling. Why? I'm not so sure. People who go out to eat with me on occasion let me "settle in" first until they can get situated. 

- You will never hear silence in my house. I am a lover of music and constantly have it playing.

- I am a coffee lover, so most of our meetings will be held in a coffee shop. 


Image by: J. Noel Photography