Fall Family Session Photoshoot Outfit Inspiration || McKenzie Coronado Photography

I often get asked what my clients should wear for their photoshoots, so I wanted to get some ideas together to help ease the process for you! Trust me, I know how hard it is to get all of the family members coordinated meanwhile making sure that you feel comfortable and confident. Because we are in Texas, we are able to get away with lighter materials and less layers, but you are more than welcome to layer these however you’d like! I showed some ways to incorporate the family together and thenI included individual pieces that really caught my eye for the women, men, girls, and boys! As you can tell, I typically choose more of a neutral color palette and I do this because I want your fall portraits to be able to be hung in your house no matter what the season is! A picture on your mantle of your family in Christmas red and green is a little confusing when it’s 100 degrees outside in the summer! My general rule of thumb for any season is to incorporate one set color palate (whether neutrals or pastels) and incorporate textures and patterns from that color palette. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I look forward to working with you this fall!


Individual Clothing Items with Links

Becky + Matt Engaged || Austin Texas Photographer

I have known Becky since we were 4 years old. To say that I was honored to take her engagement pictures is an understatement! Life is so full circle and I am so excited for her and Matt’s future together! Becky and Matt, you two are an amazing couple and I had so much fun taking these pictures for you guys. I cannot wait to celebrate your love in October!

Barrett + Jenna || Austin Texas Proposal Photographer

I walked away from this session with a lump in my throat and joy in my heart! It was such a beautiful proposal! Barrett contacted me weeks before the proposal and we emailed back and forth about his plan for the big day. We discussed parking arrangements, details of where I will be, etc. and had everything planned out! Of course, the weather had other plans for us. It started raining on my way to this session and the planner in me was freaking out! I knew that this plan of ours could be ruined by the rain. I mean, if my boyfriend was telling me we were going on a walk and it was pouring rain, I think I would be fighting back a little. I’d probably say, “ummm… let’s take a rain check? Literally".” Barrett said that he was doing this rain or shine and that Jenna is so down-to-earth and it wouldn’t bother her! So, we stuck with the plan! The weather held off until the minute he got down on one knee and the sky starting sprinkling a little. It was actually pretty magical.

A little bit after Barrett asked the important question, Jenna looked at me and said, “wait, what hand does the ring go on?! I can’t think right now!!!” We were dying laughing. She was so caught off guard and overwhelmed and it was so sweet!

Barrett and Jenna, I wish a lifetime of love and happiness for you guys and am so thankful that I got to be a little part of your next journey in life together!

Theo || Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This little guy is now almost a year old, but his newborn session is one of my favorites and I want to share it with you guys! Baby Theo, you are so loved and have two of the coolest parents around! I shot this newborn session very pregnant and had to maneuver my belly around the crib which made for some funny moments as I tried to position myself. I think that this session was one of my favorites because mom and dad had their favorite music playing, coffee brewing, and a beautifully lit house that just created the most magical “vibe” for newborn photos. It truly felt like I was in my own home and I loved every minute of it! Oh Theo, I cannot wait to photograph you again this weekend!

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