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Becky + Matt Engaged || Austin Texas Photographer

I have known Becky since we were 4 years old. To say that I was honored to take her engagement pictures is an understatement! Life is so full circle and I am so excited for her and Matt’s future together! Becky and Matt, you two are an amazing couple and I had so much fun taking these pictures for you guys. I cannot wait to celebrate your love in October!

European Vacation Part 2 || Provence France || Lavender Fields

If there was one vacation that I could continue to have every time I traveled, it would be to Provence France. Actually, scratch that, if I ever win the lottery and have money for a second home, I would choose Provence. A vacation is simply not enough time to capture the essence of "French country living". 

I'm not going to lie, planning our trip to Provence was a really hard task. I did SO much research (and stalking Instagram) to see where we should go within the area and what the peak season to catch a glimpse of the lavender was. I knew that we would be there during the very end of lavender season, but I hoped and prayed that it wouldn't be harvested until AFTER we left. (We had a scheduling conflict the two weeks before we went, otherwise, I would've bumped up our trip). The second our train arrived in Provence from Paris, we went straight to the fields! The drive throughout the Luberon region is absolutely beautiful and it was so amazing to smell the lavender as you drive through. We passed a smaller/local lavender field right outside of the train station, and I seriously think I screamed out loud! The scent comes through the air vents of the car before you even see the field ahead. Now, I recommend you go smell a lavender candle or soap while you read this blog so that you can get the full experience. 


I had a specific lavender fields in mind that I wanted to visit from the research that I had done prior to our trip. We were staying in the Luberon region and I found that the fields in the towns of Valensole and Sault were the largest. So, to Valensole we went!   I used the geo-tag on Instagram to check on them everyday when we were in Paris a few days before to see which fields had been harvested and which ones still had lavender on them. Most of the ones that I wanted to visit had already been harvested, but there was one in particular that still looked nice and purple! We went straight there and I'm so glad that we did because it was harvested just a few days later! (HALLELUJAH!)

Besides the amazing aroma, I loved that the lavender fields were buzzing with bumblebees! These bees were very different than the bees we have in Texas because they didn't bother us or even get near touching us. (French posh, aren't they?? haha). I seriously could have stayed at this field for many hours just standing in amazement. My husband on the other hand was like, "This is cool." *Takes a photo and video on iPhone* "You ready to go?" I think he was just secretly embarrassed that I was using him as my model for test shots in front of another couple. ;)

Once we got there, I was kicking myself for not bringing wine, cheese, and a baguette to enjoy in the middle of the fields! So after we left the fields, we stopped at a local market for a baguette, jam, and salami as we drove to our Airbnb. Not quite the picnic that I had in mind, but it was just as yummy and a great welcoming to Provence! 


My next blog post will showcase all of the wonderful towns that we experienced as well as the most charming and romantic Airbnb that is the quintessential example of a traditional Provence home! (Think blue shutters, roses, hydrangeas, cypress trees, lavender, and olive trees) Stay don't want to miss it! 

One Year Old || Austin Family Photographer

This family was so precious! They are calm, down to earth, and work great as a team! We had so much fun exploring the park as the sun was coming up and we were able to get some beautiful morning light shining through the trees! Sloane was turning one, so we set up a little area to do her cake smash and I love the way it turned out! Sloane's mom brought a beautiful rose colored cake that her friend had made and it's pretty clear that Sloane enjoyed her first bite of cake! Jake and Christy... you two have a beautiful little girl and I loved seeing you two tackle parenthood together. I know parenthood is not always easy, but you guys made it look effortless! (See last picture for reference). Sloane is one lucky little girl! 

TWINS || Austin Family Photographer

First off, blogging this session is WAY overdue. Life got busy and then in the back of my mind I thought that I had already shared it on my blog- I was wrong! You guys, this was one of my favorite sessions and I posted a lot about it on Instagram (which is why I thought I had blogged about it)! These twins belong to the wonderful Jesse (of and Alex Coulter! Alex and Jesse are hilarious, down-to-earth, and so easy to become friends with! Jesse and I actually knew of each other from our parents but hadn't had contact in many years. It has been so great to be reconnected again and to see her children grow! Jesse is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber in Austin, Texas and I swear if you follower her, you will fall in love! She keeps it real, shares her heart, and is always looking fashionable! (I think I laugh at every Instagram story she posts).

Jesse won a giveaway that I was doing on my Instagram and chose to use her session for her twin's first birthday! I was so excited because I had seen her twins on her Instagram and knew that we would have a lot of fun together! 

Mindy's Bakeshop created two precious sprinkle smash cakes for the twins and as you can tell from the images, Whitney was a BIG fan! The second we put the cake on the ground, she grabbed the base, pulled it near her, and dove right in! We were cracking up so hard and didn't think it could get any better....and then she sat on her cake. Yup. Just plopped right down. She has such a sassy personality and it was so funny to see how different her and Walt were when it came to eating cake. Walt was really reserved and kept looking up at Jesse and Alex with a face that said, "Wait, you're letting me eat cake? Is this a trick?!" 

To see more of Mindy's amazing work, check out her Instagram! She is insanely talented and every picture she posts will inspire you to take out your mixer and apron...I promise! 

This session was so much fun and I just can't get enough of these twins! Yes, doing a session with one-year-old twins is a workout because they are on the move, but I loved following them around and capturing their personalities! Coulter family, you guys are so special and I am so glad that our world's reconnected again! Walt, Whit, and Turner are so lucky to have you two as parents! 

To see some behind the scenes of our shoot, check out Jesse's video HERE

Venue: One Eleven East          Cakes: Mindy's Bakeshop         Birthday Hats: Little Blue Olive