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Superhero || Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Whenever I leave a clients home after doing a newborn session, I always think to myself, "Man, they are superheroes. They are sleepless, adjusting to their new schedule, the mother's bodies are healing, and the family dynamics have just changed dramatically. Yet, they just spent 2 hours with me in their home and had a smile on their face the entire time." I have so much respect for the families who let me inside their home with open arms when they have so much going on outside of our session. I have had two mothers thank me because our session was the first time that they put on full make-up, got dressed, and took time for themselves- the first in a few weeks! Sometimes we need something that will make us slow down, enjoy every moment, and soak in the memories that are being made within the pictures being captured of your little one. 

This family LOVES superheroes, so it was very fitting when they told me they wanted a few pictures in their superhero gear. The mother even found a newborn Superman onesie..... precious! Big brother Ayden has such a vivacious spirit, which made our session so fun! He is so in love with his little brother and I can already tell there will be such a strong and special bond between them as they get older. Thanks for letting me document this season in your life. You guys are the real superheroes! 



Curious || Austin Family Photographer

Husbands, listen up! This guy right here surprised his wife with a photoshoot now that their little girl is a little bit older because he wanted to document this season in their life! It was such a sweet gesture and we had so much fun during our session! Baby A was so curious about the camera and why I was essentially hiding behind it instead of playing with her! We captured some great pictures of her running towards the camera to come and play with me. The golden sunlight and beautiful sunset ended this session on an extra special note! 

I still have some openings for family holiday sessions coming up, so contact me if you'd like to set up a time to get your pictures done at



Maternity + Newborn + Milestone Package! || Austin Photographer


Calling all new mommies!

McKenzie Coronado Photography is now offering a new photography package! This package is for expecting mothers and families to document your child's first year of life. This package will include a 30 minute maternity session, 2-4 hour newborn session, and a 1 hour "milestone" session of your baby and family (6 months old, 9 months old, 1 year old, etc.). All digital files and print releases are added within this package! 

 'Wonderfully Made'

Maternity + Newborn + Milestone

$600 ($750 value)

If you are interested, please email me at or hit the 'Contact' page. above! 





Can I just be real with you for one minute?


1,400 people looked at my website yesterday. 

1,400 people saw my work in ONE day.

1,400 witnessed my passion and supported me in one way or another just by being interested in my page.

1,400 people saw that I want to help families who have children with developmental delays to capture that perfect moment that describes their family and children so perfectly.

1,400 people saw my gorgeous friends, family, and coworkers that have already let me take their photographs.

1,400 people.

Before I launched my new website and Facebook page, I was nervous to expose myself in a way that I never have before. When starting your own business, there's so much insecurity about what people will think of your work. I let my insecurities get the best of me right before I pressed the "publish" page by saying to myself, "Wait, the website isn't quite done! There's more that I can do!" Then, I had this overwhelming calm feeling of "you are right where you need to be". I pushed my insecurities aside and made one big click with my computer mouse.

The response I have received has humbled me. It has shown me how many great people I have in my life and how many great people they know as well. Networking is a funny and amazing thing, isn't it??

To the 1,400 people, THANK YOU. You've reiterated why I've quit my job, bought expensive camera gear, and have jumped into this business whole heartedly relying on Him. You are all so precious to me. 

Now, let's get photoshoots going!

iPhone picture credit: Chelsea Simmons ;)

iPhone picture credit: Chelsea Simmons ;)