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Florence || Austin Lifestyle NEwborn Photographer

I've had the privilege to see this family grow from day one. I was there when Megen came to work after an incredible first date the night before. We talked all about Andrew and how amazing of a man he was. He made her laugh, he listened to her intently, and he was a man of God. A few months went on and their bond continued to grow each and everyday. Meg has always had a special light within her, but Andrew made it glow brighter even more. I photographed them once Andrew popped the question, party pictures during their rehearsal dinner, Meg's maternity pictures, the beautiful birth of baby Florence, and now their at-home newborn session. P.S. can we talk about how amazing Florence's nursery is? Meg thought of every detail and it is completely adorable! 

Florence, you are the luckiest little girl in the world to have Meg and Andrew as your mommy and daddy! And to your puppy  brother, Huxley, we are praying for a speedy recovery and some good news! You are SO very loved! 

Mother's Day Session || Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

All newborn sessions are special to me. New moms and dads welcome me into their most intimate moments as their new baby has just been welcomed into their home and into their lives and suddenly their lives have changed for the better. I am so appreciative for all of my clients who have allowed me into this personal space of theirs to capture images for them that will last a lifetime. This newborn session was super special because it happened on Mother's Day, and the mom was a first time mother! It was so special to be able to tell her "Happy Mother's Day!" as she opened the front door holding her new, perfect, and precious little baby! 

After losing my own mom, Mother's Day becomes a difficult and confusing holiday to celebrate. It's a day of mixed emotions for me and I never really know how I am going to feel until that day. I love the thought of celebrating my mom on Mother's Day and doing/eating things that we would have done had she still been here. But I have the be honest, the second I log onto Instagram and see everyone else with their moms, I find my tune suddenly changing. It's so amazing to see everyone honor their mom and dedicate a day to pamper her (because moms deserve all of the recognition that they can get), but I just wish I could pamper my mom one last time! 

On this Mother's Day though, my attention was drawn to this new mom as she started her journey into motherhood! Isn't that what Mother's Day is all about? Not only recognizing YOUR mom, but all of the other incredible women out there that are putting their baby's needs before theirs and putting in many hours of sleepless nights, late night feedings, and unconditional love? Now, THAT is how I want to celebrate Mother's Day every year! 

Jess, you are an amazing mommy and Emmie is so lucky to have you in her life. I've never seen a baby look at their mom the way that she looks at's an instant connection and bond that will never be denied! You and Dave have such a beautiful little family and I cannot wait to photograph Emmie again in a few months! 




Jess and Dave purchased my Wonderfully Made package that includes three sessions: maternity, newborn, and milestone. If you'd like to book your first year package, go to the contact page at the top so we can be in touch! 

Coincidental moments || Austin lifestyle newborn photographer

I love walking into a home and meeting clients for the first time but get the feeling like we've been friends for years. This family was so welcoming and down-to-earth and I instantly felt at ease. There were so many moments throughout this session that stood out to me. Firstly, their daughter's first name is one of my favorite baby names because it is my grandfather's middle name. Their daughter's middle name is a shortened version of my late mother's name and the same as my nieces middle name. Lastly, when I walked into their home, I overheard a familiar song playing in their living room. "Mama's song" by Carrie Underwood was playing, which was mine and my mother's favorite song. I knew in that moment that this session would be special, and it definitely was! As the session went on and we got to know each other more, I looked over and saw one of Trevor's construction hard hats. I asked about his work and then noticed the company's name on the side. I happened to know someone who worked there and we just started laughing because we had so many coincidental moments! It's such a small world...

Breanne's sweet mother was there and it was so refreshing to have an extra set of hands! She quickly became my "assistant" for the session and was eager to do anything to help! I loved being able to meet her and to see her hold her granddaughter with such pride! Grandmothers are the absolute best!  

Breanne and Trevor, you two have an amazing family and are so blessed with the sweetest little girl! You guys already have a hold on parenting and are doing it so well! Thank you for welcoming me into your home and into your family! I will always remember your session and hold it close to my heart. 

P.S. This vintage red couch has been passed down to Breanne from previous generations. What a precious piece of furniture to treasure forever! 

Superhero || Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Whenever I leave a clients home after doing a newborn session, I always think to myself, "Man, they are superheroes. They are sleepless, adjusting to their new schedule, the mother's bodies are healing, and the family dynamics have just changed dramatically. Yet, they just spent 2 hours with me in their home and had a smile on their face the entire time." I have so much respect for the families who let me inside their home with open arms when they have so much going on outside of our session. I have had two mothers thank me because our session was the first time that they put on full make-up, got dressed, and took time for themselves- the first in a few weeks! Sometimes we need something that will make us slow down, enjoy every moment, and soak in the memories that are being made within the pictures being captured of your little one. 

This family LOVES superheroes, so it was very fitting when they told me they wanted a few pictures in their superhero gear. The mother even found a newborn Superman onesie..... precious! Big brother Ayden has such a vivacious spirit, which made our session so fun! He is so in love with his little brother and I can already tell there will be such a strong and special bond between them as they get older. Thanks for letting me document this season in your life. You guys are the real superheroes!