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Austin Maternity Photographer

How in the world are you supposed to payback someone that is your first business client who trusted you and allowed you to get a headstart on your business? The only thing that I can do is sincerely thank Michelle and Inti for being the fist clients of McKenzie Coronado Photography! I am so grateful that you gave me an opportunity to capture photographs for you during this special time in your lives.

I worked with Michelle at The Rise School of Austin and think she is a great friend, teacher, and now mommy! Her and her husband, Inti, welcomed their baby boy just a couple of days ago and already seem to be smitten over Baby G! Who wouldn't be? He's pretty adorable. 

We were very lucky because Michelle and Inti have an incredible backyard that leads up to some greenery, so we were able to get some pictures of Baby G's nursery as well as not having to walk too far while she was very pregnant (especially in this summer heat). A win win in my book!