Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more exciting than building a new home for your growing family and eventually welcoming a newborn into the world. Well, this family did those two things within a few days of each other. Phew! It exhausts me just thinking about it! Luckily this beautiful momma and I are good friends, so I was able to be flexible and get pictures done for them once they felt settled. This family is so genuine and are the kind of people that you feel you've known forever after a few moments together. Oh, and ummm, they make BEAUTIFUL babies, can't you tell? 

Lastly, big brother is just purely sweet.  He is the kind of toddler who will walk up to you, give you a hug, and say "I love you" without you saying anything at all. **heart melt**. Once you see the pictures below, you'll see just how sweet he is. He couldn't keep his eyes off of his brother and kissed him repeatedly without any prompting. A photographer's dream!

Bookouts, you've done it again. I am so excited to watch your family grow, change, and evolve. You four are so special to me and I appreciate your friendship! 

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