Eliott & Katie Proposal

Through a recommendation of a close friend, I contacted McKenzie to take our engagement photos in Austin. The challenging part was that I had only been to Austin once, I had never met McKenzie, and I was trying to surprise my (now) fiancee Katie with photos of the actual proposal. My original idea had failed due to some poor navigational skills on my part, but that ended up being a blessing after our wonderful experience with McKenzie at Town Lake. I had been secretly texting McKenzie on "bathroom" breaks throughout the day, and we established a 4:45pm arrival at the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue along the lake. As an unsuspecting Katie and myself rolled up on bikes, I saw someone hiding a little ways off behind a tree. After finding a still moment when the crowds had dissipated, I proposed to Katie and we embraced along the lake with the Austin skyline in the background. It took about two minutes for her to realize that someone had been creeping closer and closer to take our photos. This gives a good example of how stealthy McKenzie can be when she needs to be! We introduced ourselves and then took a few more lovely photos sitting in the field, walking down the path, and just smiling in complete shock as the sun began to set over the city. McKenzie was wonderful, and her photos were even more spectacular. She was very sweet and extremely cognizant of our special moment as she efficiently took photos, allowed us to choose specific poses, and soon left so that Katie and I could enjoy one of the happiest moments of our lives together........until of course, being bombarded by calls, texts, and social media from excited friends and family. Thank you McKenzie for capturing a priceless memory. 

Austin Texas Proposal


After careful consideration, I decided to propose to my girlfriend in Austin. However, I'd never been to the city before, and we were only there for a three-day vacation. After doing some research (mainly Google), I found McKenzie as a top recommendation.  I contacted her to take our engagement photos. 

I really didn't have any ideas other than a few recommendations from friends. However, given McKenzie's background, she was able to suggest several options. She was super engaging and really dedicated herself to this challenge. She even went to all her suggested places and took photos of them to send to me. In the end, I choose to propose at the boardwalk.  

For the big day, we decided to meet at the last pier at 7:15pm. She had suggested this location because it overlooked the Austin skyline. We contacted each other throughout the day, and she was there way before our scheduled time to prepare for our arrival. She was great at blending in as a tourist taking pictures - my girlfriend at the time had no idea. When the big moment arrived, she was there to capture all of it. A few moment after I proposed, she came over, and took more pictures of us in various ways. A few hours later, she had sent five great pictures to pass along to our families, and about a week later, the other pictures arrived via email. 

I am really glad that I choose McKenzie to capture our special moment. The pictures turned out great! She was a true professional from start to finish.